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Piazzetta (Bernard)

Piazzetta (Bernard)

Piazzetta (Bernard)

Piazzetta (Bernard)

The first location originally served only a few items, but it was its exactly this simplicity that made his reputation. Since, the menu has grown to a wide variety of dishes: pasta, foccacia, Italian wraps, but it is the unparalleled selection of gourmet pizzas, on thin, square crust that still sets them apart from all others. Whether piccolo, 13 or 17-inch format alce.ca can deliver anywhere. Don't move, we're on our way! Perfectly executed simplicity is what the cheese pizza (tomato sauce and mozzarella) brings. If you like good fresh vegetables, Vegetarian pizza with grilled vegetables will delight you! Tomatoes, peppers, olives, mushrooms, artichokes, eggplant, grilled whole or not, depending on your preference. Fan of goat cheese? The pizza of the same name is the most delicious! An original suggestion ? The Cugina: tomato sauce, chicken marinated with lime, mozzarella, cheddar, onions, green peppers, sour cream, cilantro and cumin. An explosion of flavors! Go ahead, what are yo

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