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There’s more to Switzerland than chocolate and fondue. Many of this country’s delicious dishes await you and can be delivered at a moment’s notice with alce.ca (much faster than a Montreal-Zurich flight!). For 46 years now, the Alpenhaus has been a favorite in town for all the European specialties it offers to its customers. For a traditional meal, go for the goulash soup, made with meat and vegetables and in which the main ingredient is paprika. Alpenhaus salad with cheese and sausage is ideal for enjoying a meal that is both healthy and hearty. Veal is a staple of Swiss cuisine and the cordon bleu plate with ham and cheese is a prime example for you to try. The same goes for the Wienershnitzel (Viennese veal scallop) and the Zuri Gschnätzlets (Zurich sliced veal). These dishes will warm your evenings and your soul!

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À la Carte Express is a pioneer company in the multi-restaurant delivery field in Montreal. Founded in 1996 by Michel Lépine, À la Carte Express, a Montreal-based company, has been delivering your favorite meals for more than 20 years. We deliver to your home or office, 7 days a week. Our fast and experienced delivery team brings you a selection of more than 180 gourmet partner restaurants.