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Sushi Shop serves up a daily fresh, healthy, quality product that will stimulate the senses and the mind. Let À la Carte Express bring you some of that well being and indulge in the delicacy of Japanese cuisine now!Whether it's the simple and succulent Vancouver makis (smoked salmon, avocado and light cream cheese) or the explosive 911 (tuna, spicy sauce, avocado, green onion, tempura and massago), each bite of these 8 rolls are flavorful! The house specialties (such as spicy tartar Makis, especially the salmon one) are available in servings of two pieces and wrapped in a leaf of lettuce and rice. The Sumomakis ™, for their part, can be served in cones or cut into 5 delicious bites. The Dynamite (shrimp tempura, avocado and cucumber) and the Rainbow (tuna, salmon, avocado, tempura) are amazing creations combining audacity and authenticity. The generous menu of Sushi Shop offers a variety of choices all for which you are the main ingredient.

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