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This small and delicious business rejoices from an unequaled popularity and it's not uncommon to see long lineups at the door. Avoid this happening to you with À la Carte Express! Food lovers appreciate its simple menu of a few items only but o so good! They keep coming back again and again. It is almost unthinkable to not order their famous Fish n' Chips. The batter is light and crispy and the fish cooked just right. Served with coleslaw and choice of homemade sauce. Add fries or a poutine to complete the experience. Really hungry? Go for the large portion! The clam chowder will remind you of those served in the Northeastern American diners. A real treat! Burger lovers, try the fish one: simple, tasty, it will hit the spot. You prefer the classic beef version? No problem: it's cooked on the hotplate, just like how it's supposed to be! Again, it's all yours!

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Comptoir 21 (St-Viateur)

Continental, Seafood